"Greyfriars Police Station"

Bedford - England
13/12/ 2005,

When Amilton Nicolas Bento, also know as Nico, returned to his house on the 13th of December 2005, he found a handbag belonging to Kamila Garsztka, his girlfriend, but not her. Nicolas tried to contact her brother Lukasz, her cousin and some people who lived with Kamila, without any success.

The next morning, Nicolas met up with Lukasz and asked him if Kamila had slept at home. Luckaz said no. Nicolas told him that Kamila had left her handbag and mobilephone clean in his house.

That same day, Nicolas spoke with a policeman who Nicolas that he would have to wait due to the legal time to report a missing person.Nicolas and Lukasz go to demand everywhere and ultimately travelled to Brigthon, where Kamila had gone the previous day. Kamila had spoken on the phone with her cousin. She had said that she was on a bridge and that she wanted to throw herself into the water, kill herself! She had told her cousin that she was sick and tired of everybody and that she did not want to go back to Bedford, where she lived, and see anybody she knew.***

****All of this was said and confirmed by Dominic Garsztka and her friend during Nicos´ trial. During the trial, several people spoke of the times when Kamila used to talk about commiting suicide. Kamila did in particular speak about her big depression with Dominic Garsztka and Magda Werno, (she too finished the course of psychology). Kamila asked whether or not she appeared to be depressed. She would say that sometimes she had to use a mask. It passed from making consultations on depression to the Internet. In a gynaecology consultation, the doctor asked Kamila if she was suffering from depression. This because all of her symptoms were related to a potency one.

Kamila did, however, call Nico to go and pick her up at the train station in Bedford the next day. When Nico received the phone call he was in the hotel where his friend worked and where they had dinner every night.

Nicolas and Luckaz went to Brigthon with photos of Kamila to ask if anybody had seen her. They spread leaflets asking for help. They even went every day to the police station to ask for help and ask why the police was not doing anything to find Kamila. Sometimes Nico and Luckaz would go to the police station two to three times a day, but still, the police did nothing! There were times when they would have to wait for three to four hours before a policeman would speak with them, only to say after that, that they did not know anything. They would be ordered to leave the police station, without recieving the minimum help a citizen deserves, and with the certainty that the police did nothing because they did not want to know that a woman was missing!

Certain day, someone with a mind as dirty as his mouth, sarcastically laughed out loud and told Nicolas that he should not be so worried, it was most probable that Kamila had left him and gone off with a white boyfriend with blue eyes, just like herself (Nicolas is mulatto).In court, during Nicolas´ trial, Lukasz Garsztka, told everyone that he and Nico went every day to the police station and yet they did nothing! They did not want to do anything!Lukasz Garsztka also said that he felt guilty to see his friend arrested.




A cheerful and happy man, always with a smile on his face, with a pure heart, with the gift of welcoming and making friends everywhere, who loves life, the sea, surfing, fishing and travelling around the world where he learned several languages with ease.

Nico lived in Bedford, England, where he had a fix job in Bayer (medicine) with a good salary, had a Vauxhall Tigra (car), an own apartment, many friends and a girlfriend, Kamila Garsztka, with whom he had been with for two years.

Life was going well. He was of course a very happy man! That is, until the 13th of December of 2005, when his girlfriend disappeared. Being later found, on the 24th of January of 2006, floating lifeless, in the Bedford lake.

And as if that pain wasn´t enough, certain policemen from the Greyfriars station in Bedford, decided to steal him his freedom, accusing him of a crime that did not exist and that was proven during the trial by forensic specialists: Kamila did not have any marks of violence, neither outside nor on the inside of her body. Not even a scratch!

- The trial lasted for three weeks and mysteriously the Judge, John Bevan QC, who always followd all the hearings, had been replaced;

- The prosecution had almost thirty witnesses, none whom made any accusation against Nico;
- There is no evidence against Nico.
- The police used him as the perfect scapegoat to hide the fact that they, since the beginning, never really were concerned with the disappearance of a young woman!

- There was nothing that was said or shown on trial again Nicolas. Only assumptions created by those who accused him! A huge anger on the part of some policemen who wanted an acknowledgement at any cost! And so it happened, the incredible pronounce of the juror: "Guilty of murder" and condemning an innocent man with life sentence!

An innocent man guilty of something that was proven not to have existed and condemned to life sentence, without ever having done anything wrong, in life! So is the law of men. A law or game of some men that can overlap with the truth and destroy an innocent instead of protecting him!